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  1. United Arab Emirates Israel flag composite

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the announcement that full diplomatic ties will be established with the United Arab Emirates has ushered in a "new era" in Israel's relations with the Arab world.

  2. 1228024154

    Lebanon's parliament speaker called on Thursday for quickly forming a new government in the first legislative session since the catastrophic explosion that killed 172 people last week and pushed the cabinet to resign.

  3. Mauritius Leaking Ship

    Almost all the remaining oil has been pumped from a Japanese ship that ran aground off the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, but its initial spill of 1,000 tons of fuel has severely damaged the island's coral reefs and once pristine coast, environmental groups said Thursday. 

  4. Virus Outbreak Colombia US Fake Cure

    Colombian officials say they have arrested two Florida men wanted in the United States on charges they illegally sold a bleach-like chemical as a miracle cure for the new coronavirus and other diseases.

  5. Election 2020 Joe Biden VP

    Joe Biden raised $26 million US in the 24 hours after he named Kamala Harris as his running mate for the U.S presidential election, doubling his previous one-day record and signalling enthusiasm among Democrats following the selection of the first Black woman on a major party's presidential ticket.